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Pune, a place of extreme significance during the Maratha Empire, is holding it’s fort with the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary lifestyle. Visiting Pune will keep you on your toes with it’s treasure trove of rich cultural heritage, educational institutions, delectable cuisine and a vibrant nightlife.

WTicabs outstation cab services in Pune pave the way for exploring the city's old-world charm amidst it’s pleasant weather and green spaces. Hiring an outstation cab from WTicabs is the perfect way to explore Pune’s historical landmarks, thriving cultural scene, educational hubs and a bustling culinary landscape.

When embarking on an adventurous journey from Pune, WTicabs stands as a dependable partner for outstation taxi services. The top-notch exceptional services offered through our simplified booking process ensures you receive a hassle-free experience throughout your travels.

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Our meticulously maintained fleet blends convenience with reliability.

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We have a completely transparent pricing structure.

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Once you reserve a ride from WTicabs, your plans will stay uninterrupted.

Best places to visit in Pune

WTicabs outstation cabs in Pune brings you an array of attractions for you to explore in Pune. Don’t forget to include them in your itinerary the next time you visit Pune.

Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace, at it’s elegant architecture and serene surroundings, serves as a memorial dedicated to Gandhi and his contributions to India's independence movement.The palace also offers tranquil gardens and spacious corridor providing an immersive experience for visitors as they expose themselves inside it’s museum displaying photographs, personal belongings and significant artifacts related to Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian freedom movement.

Shaniwar Wada Fort

As an iconic fortification known for it’s rich history and architectural grandeur, Shaniwar Wada is captivating visitors and enthusiasts by it’s historical significance and the stories of intrigue and mystery surrounding it’s past. Enjoy the fort's evening light-and-sound show that brings it’s history to life and be a part of the immersive and engaging element as you delve into Pune's rich heritage.

Osho Ashram

Looking for meditation, personal growth and spiritual exploration while you travel, the Osho International Meditation Resort or the Osho Ashram is a spiritual haven that offers various meditation techniques, wellness programs and activities aimed at fostering inner peace, self-awareness and relaxation in a serene and contemplative environment. Relax and see if you win in seeking the spiritual solace and self-discovery that the Ashram offers inside it’s lush gardens and tranquil ponds full of vibrant energy .

Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal, a symbol of Maratha heritage is associated with Shivaji Maharaj, a true warrior-king who embodies valour, vision and indomitable spirit of daring escapades, military genius and a profound commitment to justice, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of millions. Going to Pune and not visiting the Red Palace will be such a bummer. Visit Lal Mahal and step into the saga of Shivaji Maharaj, where each exhibits, artifacts and paintings unveils the resplendent tale of a visionary leader who defied empires, unified a realm and ignited the flames of pride and patriotism.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort offers an enchanting journey through time as you trek amidst mist-kissed landscapes overlooking Maharashtra's verdant valleys and winding rivers. Award yourself an unforgettable blend of adventure, heritage and breathtaking scenery while Indulging in local cuisine and absorbing it’s historical aura at Sinhagad Fort.

3-Day Pune-Alibaug-Mahabaleshwar Itinerary

We present to you an itinerary to Alibaug and Mahabaleshwar from Pune. We also provide tailor-made itineraries of your preference when you book your outstation cabs with us.

Day 1 : Pune to Alibaug (approx. 145 kms)

Morning Pune to Alibaug is approx. 3-4 hours and you can check-in to your accommodation before midday.
Afternoon -Relish the rich Coastal Cuisines.
-Visit Alibaug Beach, indulge in water activities/leisurely stroll.
Late Evening Unwind, explore local dining options for dinner & sleep.

Day 2 : Alibaug to Mahabaleshwar (approx. 172 kms)

Morning - Depart from Alibaug to reach Mahabaleshwar in the morning, the journey takes approx. 5-6 hours.
- Visit Mahabaleshwar Temple, grab a breakfast in a local cafe.
Afternoon - Check-in to your accommodation, have a hearty traditional Maharashtrian lunch, energise yourself for the adventures to follow.
- Enjoy boating at Venna Lake and Horse-riding.
Evening - Foodies can either head to Mapro Garden to taste various fruit based products or chocolate factory.
- Visit the breathtakingly beautiful Lodwick/ Bombay Point to witness the sunset view.

Day 3 : Mahabaleshwar to Pune (approx. 120 kms)

Morning - Start early to maximise the day, head to Kate’s Point to catch the beautiful sunrise.
Afternoon - Visit Pratapgad Fort to experience the architecture and panoramic views. Have lunch and check out for any missed spots.
Evening - Back to Pune is approx. 3-4 hours, arrange your WTicabs accordingly.


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