About Us

We are young dreamers with the ability to chase and realize our dreams. Having pioneered some of the concepts like “Driver Cum Owner” and many more revolutionizing the entire people's transportation industry across the globe.

While we are a young company, we have been growing across the nation since 2010. Today WTicabs is one of the largest & fastest growing people transportation companies in the country with a commitment to exceed our customers' expectations for the service and overall value proposition in people transportation.

WTi provides integrated people transportation with the objective of providing best in class quality of service with an unmatched network spanning in 130+ cities of India. The operations are carried out with a large fleet of on-road and robust technology platforms. The objective behind the venture is to have Presence across the value chain through services in the corporate people transportation which includes Car Rental Services, Employee Transportation Services, Car Leasing, Coach rentals, Technology, and Mobility Solutions.

Value Proposition



Why Choose Us?

To be the largest and most respected player in “People Transportation” serving all ground transportation needs of our clients

Our Values

We will consistently deliver the highest quality of services to our clients with best use of technology. We will attain responsible, sustainable, pro table growth, o er great career opportunities to our employees and create value for all stake holders.


Let’s Make Employee Mobility Smarter Together

Partner with us to transform your employee commute management process
by leveraging our custom-built solution.

Our Culture

At WTi, we have fostered a culture that encourages innovation and creativity. Our leadership team is very clear that the success of our company is directly proportional to the success of each and every employee.

That’s why we take great efforts to maintain a work environment that empowers its team members to move forward professionally by taking ownership and learning from every project they work on. Coming to work and building amazing transport solutions, delivering quality service and client satisfaction should be fun and based on our journey till date, we think that we are heading in the right direction.

What Sets Up Apart?

  • Driven by Excellence
  • We are committed to deliver only the best at every stage of the process, from planning to delivery, to unlock maximum value.
  • Focused and Passionate Team
  • We are experienced team of professionals, driven digitally with a common mission of consistent service delivery to our customers “on time every time nothing less than the best”
  • Strong Relationships and Culture
  • Honesty, transparency, and consistency are the underlying values in our relationship with the clients to instil trust and be trusted.
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Our relentless efforts to stay on top of the latest technology trends and consistently think out of the box for every project we work on.

Bringing Automation, Efficiency and
scale to your Transport Operations

Our business is based on our deep understanding of the opportunity in various corporate people travel verticals and customers’ expectations from such services. In the past years of operations we have serviced more then 10,00,000 customers.

As a company we are committed to support our clients objective and transforming how the business operate in today’s on-demand, mobile-first-world.

One-Stop Solution
From sedan to SUV to coaches and buses, we do it all
Expert Supervision
Our experienced Newbuilding tea ensures highest quality of service
Dedicated digital platform
Our mobility plans are adapted for, & developed in collaboration with each company to meet their specific needs

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