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Known as the 'Gateway to South India’, Chennai allures every tourist with it’s diverse tapestry of culture, history and contemporary vibrancy. As a bustling metropolis teeming with ancient wonders, cultural richness and a thriving industrial landscape, Chennai has stood as a beacon in Southern India since the British East India Company era.

WTi Cabs' outstation cab services in Chennai pave the way for exploring the city's delightful treasures at ease. Whether you want to explore the historically vibrant state of Tamil Nadu or travel to the neighbouring outstations, hiring an outstation cab from WTicabs is the best decision you are ever going to make.

As you set sail on an endless voyage from Chennai, WTicabs towers as the unrivalled choice for outstation taxi services. WTicabs prioritises exceptional service, transparency and boasts a varied fleet of well-kept vehicles ensuring an unforgettable expedition with a simplified outstation cab booking process.

Why Choose WTi Outstation Cabs Chennai?

Well-maintained fleet

Our well-maintained fleet will leave you awe-struck when you book your travel with us.

Experienced Drivers

Our experienced and professional drivers will steer you through the best routes while also prioritising your comfort and safety.

24/7 Customer Support

Your convenience and comfort are our top priority and we promise to support your travel queries 24/7.

Transparent Pricing

Travel worry-free knowing that you book a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Timely Execution

You are bound with punctuality when you book a WTicabs.

Zero Cancellation Policy

WTicabs commits to providing the best services with no room for any cancellation when you book a service from us.

Best places to visit in Chennai

Chennai boasts of some of the beautiful beaches, temples and landmarks in addition to being a warm and welcoming community. WTicabs outstation cabs in Chennai brings you some of the delightful places for you to explore in Chennai.

Marina Beach

As the main attraction of the city, Marina Beach offers a picturesque coastline adorned with golden sands and azure waters. On an average, the beach guests 30000-50000 visitors on a daily basis by offering it’s serene sunsets, leisurely strolls, and a vibrant atmosphere filled with local vendors and food stalls.


Mylapore, the cultural heritage hub in the heart of Chennai, stands as a cherished enclave, blending history with contemporary life with it’s religious significance and vibrant cultural festivals. Through the ancient temples, bustling markets and traditional architecture , you can experience a captivating glimpse into Chennai's vibrant past and present.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a 7th century architectural marvel built in an ancient Dravidian-style. If you are lucky enough to visit the temple mid-March to mid-April, you will get to experience the 9-day long Panguni Peruvila, Spring Festival when the entire neighbourhood comes alive with a carnival-like atmosphere. The temple welcomes both devotees and visitors at it’s spiritual ambience full of vibrant sculptures steeped in mythological significance.

San Thome Church

San Thome Church, a revered religious landmark in Chennai, stands as a testament to architectural beauty and spiritual significance. Even for non- believers, visiting the church will offer a chance to appreciate history, architecture and culture. This majestic basilica, rising 155 feet from the ground, with a nave measuring 112 feet by 33 feet and a magnificent sanctuary measuring 62 feet by length and 33 feet by width built over the tomb of St. Thomas the Apostle, exudes tranquillity and holds historical importance in Christianity in India.

Besant Nagar

If you are looking for a perfect destination for a relaxing day or evening out in Chennai, check out this vibrant neighbourhood named Besant Nagar. Here you can find a mix of leisure, culture and entertainment all in this neighbourhood inhabited by the affluent population of the city ; everything from adventures like jogging and skating at Eliot’s Beach to blessing yourself some serenity at Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple making your day memorable as it can be.

3-Day Itinerary from Chennai

WTicabs provides you a 3-day escapade from hyderabad to unfold in your next beautiful adventure-

Day 1: Chennai to Pondicherry (approx. 165 kms)

Morning - Set forth the journey early in the morning to Pondicherry with WTicabs.
- Arrive by mid- morning, check-in to your Hotel, have Breakfast and visit Auroville, explore Matrimandir and it’s gardens.
Afternoon -Savour lunch at a beachside café in the Promenade Beach area.
Evening - Stroll through the French Quarter, visit Aurobindo Ashram
- Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and experience Pondicherry's nightlife.

Day 2 : Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram (approx. 95 km)

Morning - Head to Mahabalipuram in your comfortable WTiCabs vehicle early in the morning.
-Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Shore Temple, Five Rathas and Arjuna's Penance
Afternoon - Visit the Mahabalipuram Beach, enjoy the sea breeze and relax.
- Enjoy seafood by the beach for lunch.
Evening - Go Back to Pondicherry or stay the night at Mahabalipuram as per your convenience.

Day 3 : Mahabalipuram to Kanchipuram (approx. 67 km)

Morning - Travel to Kanchipuram (around 1.5-hour drive) at ease in your WTicabs
- Explore Kailasanathar Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple and Varadharaja Perumal Temple.
Afternoon - Relish traditional South Indian lunch at a local eatery.
- Shop for Kanchipuram silk sarees or visit the local markets.
Evening - Have an early dinner and return to Chennai comfortably in your WTicabs (3 hours, approx 84 kms)


Cab Fare are exclusive of Toll Charges, Permit Charges, Parking Fees, Entry Fees, Service Tax and other Government levied taxes.

Visit our user- friendly website at https://www.wticabs.com/ and book your outstation cabs.

We have a Zero Cancellation Policy. We never cancel when you book a cab from WTicabs.

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