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Setting foot on a journey paints our life like a canvas with every destination a new stroke, every road an adventure waiting to be painted. Travelling is not just about exploring landscapes but also broadens the mind and the soul with experiences and memories.

Exploring beyond Bangalore is made easy when you opt for outstation cabs as they offer a stress-free and personalised travel experience. One must hire outstation cabs services for seamless travel, punctuality and comfort when venturing beyond city limits.

As you commence on a soulful journey from Bangalore, WTicabs stands as a trusted partner for outstation taxi services. With a dedicated commitment to exceptional service, transparency and a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles, WTicabs will give you the utmost service through it’s simplified outstation cab booking process.

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Well-maintained fleet

Travel seamlessly and securely with our well-maintained fleet of cars equipped with modern amenities.

Experienced Drivers

Our experienced and professional drivers ensure a pleasant and stress-free travel experience, navigating you through the best routes.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support for hassle-free outstation cab booking to address any last-minute changes, unexpected issues or inquiries for an unfazed travelling experience.

Transparent Pricing

We guarantee a fair and consistent rate allowing you to travel without concerns about unexpected costs.

Timely Execution

You will face no worries about delays when you book WTicabs.

Zero Cancellation Policy

You can count on us when you book your ride with us.

Best places to visit in Bangalore

Bangalore is a vibrant metropolis full of ancient landmarks, lush gardens and a bustling tech hub. As the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore has been captivating tourists with it’s tech companies, startups, research institutions and innovation hubs.WTicabs outstation cabs in Bangalore brings you some of the delightful places for you to explore.

Nandi Hills

Did you know that the first ever SAARC Summit hosted by India was held in Nandi Hills in 1986? Understandable. Nandi Hills is a picturesque hill station where adventure meets it’s historical tale. Adventure seekers cherish it’s trekking trails, while history enthusiasts explore the ancient past of the namesake 18th century ruler, Tipu Sultan. Don’t forget to watch the morning rise at Tipu Drop and see your breath taken away by it’s mesmerising panoramic view. Nandi Temple, an ancient hilltop adorned with the revered offers spiritual solace amidst breathtaking vistas. Whether you are travelling for spiritual rejuvenation or thrilling escapades, Nandi Hills will fill your adventure with an unforgettable retreat into nature's embrace.

Bangalore Palace

Lose yourself in the charms of the palace’ s Tudor-style architecture that gives us a resemblance of the medieval castles of Normandy and England. The Opulent interiors, stained glass windows and splendid wood carvings reflect the grandeur of it's royal past - a regal testament to Bangalore's history. Immerse yourselves in it’s ornate rooms, vast courtyards and elegant gardens and marvel at its regal charm and rich heritage.

Iskcon Temple

There are currently 8 ISKCON Temples in Bangalore; if not all, visit the one at Rajajinagar, termed as one the largest Khrishna-Hindu temple in the world. Not only is it a spiritual haven, the temple also stands as an architectural marvel and a symbol of devotion. It’s majestic white structure adorned with intricate carvings captivates visitors and devotees alike. The temple also houses ornate halls, majestic idols and vibrant paintings of spiritual narratives. Get ready to lose yourself to the serene melodious chants and spiritual ambiance of the revered landmark, offering a peaceful retreat for spiritual contemplation in the heart of Bangalore.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, an urban paradise spanning over 300 acres- verdant oasis of serene pathways, vibrant flower beds and ancient trees, serves as a tranquil escape from the city's bustle. The park also houses an array of attractions including the majestic Bangalore Aquarium, beautifully landscaped rose garden and the iconic State Central Library. Cubbon Park, thus, stands as a cherished retreat, offering a serene sanctuary amidst the urban landscape of Bangalore.

3-Day Bangalore-Ooty-Coorg Itinerary

Here is an itinerary for you to follow for your trip to Ooty and Coorg from Bangalore. We also provide tailor-made itineraries for our esteemed clients when they book their outstation cabs with us.

Day 1 : Bangalore to Ooty (approx 271 kms)

Morning Depart early as it is almost a 6-7 hour ride till Ooty.
Afternoon Check-in to your hotel, freshen-up and try the local Ooty cuisine for lunch.
Evening Explore Ooty Botanical Gardens and indulge in boating activities at Ooty Lake.
Night The best thing about going to a hill-station is the peaceful and serene climate that it offers. Unwind.

Day 2 : Ooty to Coorg (approx 246 kms)

Morning You will reach Coorg around midday, freshen up in your hotel and start exploring.
Afternoon - Visit Abbey Falls, experience the beauty amidst the surrounding coffee and cardamom estates.
- Explore Dubare Elephant Camp, a place where interaction is made possible along with many more adventures from jeep safari to rafting.
Evening Unwind the day as you enjoy the tranquillity of Coorg.

Day 3 : Coorg to Bangalore

Morning Go for an early morning sunrise view at Raja’s Seat and next, visit Madikeri Fort, the 1681 architectural marvel.
Afternoon Indulge in local Coorg delicacies and taste their authentic coffee before departure
Evening Gather your belongings,the journey back to Bangalore is approx 5-6 hours.


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