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Since inception WTi has been serving in the modern business of fleet management and leasing services. Not only do we help business owners and managers in conserving expenses, we help save time with our full-service offerings that also reduce the potential headaches and hassle otherwise associated with a vehicle lease or purchase. In addition to helping our clients secure cars of any make and type, we handle all aspects of the lease or purchase deal and beyond, whether you have one vehicle or hundreds.

Since inception we have followed our founding principle to provide our clients with prompt, professional fleet services and management throughout the country.

Why WTi for Corporate Fleet Management?

WTi is a Full Disclosure Lessor. We practice “open book” leasing and clearly
define terms and vehicle values. We want you as a client for life!

Fleet Management Initiation Process

During this initial consultation we will analyse the needs of your company and develop a custom management program to match. We will create a competitive custom lease rate based on your requirements and our “NO FEE” philosophy to help you in cost savings.

Vehicle Selection Methodology

Along with our client, we will determine which vehicles best-fit your need based
upon the following factors:

  • Vehicle Pricing Summary
  • Fleet Reviews
  • Services Assistance
  • Vehicle Maintenance Program
  • WTi uses qualified fleet minded dealers

  • WTi uses the fleet courtesy delivery system to place your vehicle at the user location

  • WTi will complete vehicle locates via the manufacturers system when necessary

  • All vehicles are mechanically inspected and detailed prior to delivery

  • All licensing requirements are provided for your users convenience

  • Twice a year we offer Bi-Annual Reviews to provide our clients with an overall view of the entire fleet. During this review we will identify problem vehicles that may be over mileage and will work with you to fix the problem.

  • Our Bi-Annual Review will assist in forecasting ordering needs, estimated loss or gain from sale of vehicles, and is an excellent management tool for your company to better understand your fleet.

  • Service Assistance

  • Beyond warranty service assistance

  • Maintenance & Extended Service Programs

  • Fuel Cards

  • Expense Accounting

  • Licensing

  • Vehicle Reassignment and Transport

  • Individual used vehicle review

  • No lessor disposal fee

  • Our management tool is designed to enhance your vehicle management services while managing your costs and is provided through our partnership with Network Fleet Management Services.

  • The program provides comprehensive vehicle management service offering and expertise with nationwide access to vendors with competitive and consistent pricing, while having 24/7/365 support by certified technicians/experts to make sure you are receiving the best service at the best price!

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