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“We treat safety and security as part of
a responsible business program, so it’s a
key pillar to being responsible in


of women globally endure some form of abuse while traveling

WTiCabs provide Transportation services to Corporates who extend transportation as a perk to its employees. WTI’s service consists of a SaaS platform that helps the corporate plan, deploy and manage transportation. However, given the unorganized nature of the cab services in India, technology by itself is not sufficient to solve a problem.

A combination of technology and on-ground operations creates a level of reliability, predictability and affordability that has never been witnessed in Corporate Fleet Management in India. In addition to equipping passengers with safety features, WTI also ensures that the vehicle and driver being used are also safe and compliant to mitigate any residual risk.

It is difficult to guarantee safety despite multiple technology interventions and background verification procedures. But it is possible to streamline technology and on-ground systems to ensure a proactive approach to safety that ensures a disaster is averted almost every time. Here’s how WTI fleet service does it effectively.

  • WTI invests in ensuring the reliability of Drivers
  • WTI’s fleet management technology has inherent fleet deployment rules for safety planning
  • WTI’s technology has several security features during trip execution

“Women depend on buses and metro for transportation but first and last mile connectivity is a concern across cities where you build the mobility ecosystem. The access from home to the bus stop to office etc. is where we need major improvement.” - Ashok Vashist

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Responsible Business Program

Statutory Practices
  • Escort to guard female employees when she is the first to be picked up or dropped off
  • Women employees to be picked from and to their doorsteps and escorted by a guard in case of non-motor able roads
  • Women employees will sign off on their safe arrival at the destination at the end of each journey.
  • Women workers are expected to immediately report any accidental incident by using the SOS alarm in the cab or by other means
  • Special care should be taken in planning vehicle occupancy and routing for pregnant employees

Tracking Team to maintain regular track records of female workers commuting during late hours with all information-name, full address, phone number, emergency contact, monitoring manager's name and phone number and co-car passenger's details, driver's name and number, departure time and ETA.

Designated supervisors should conduct regular and effective checks on vehicle movement and unwarranted driver activities like unscheduled pickups, route deviation.

24/7 helpdesk to allow employees to contact for any help or complain or feedback.

Sharing feedback forms wherein they would give their feedback regarding the commuting experience (rude/polite driver, safe/unsafe etc.)

Alert Supervision System

  • “24*7 active Women Safety Cell
  • Class A chauffeurs deployed
  • GPS devices fixed in the car Access of location to family/friends
  • Doubly verified chauffeurs by Police and Private agency
  • Safe Reach Home Feature
  • Drop Verification Alerts through App notifications and IVR-calls
  • Call Masking Feature
  • Panic Button
  • SOS alerts raised by drivers/employees using their app and in-cab devices
  • A centralized security command center


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  • “We treat safety & security as part
    of a responsible business program.

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