Issue 01: 26th Dec 2022

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Since the inception we have been a leading name in delivering a range of superior-quality and impeccable services to a big list of esteemed clients. Started as young dreamers, who left no stone unturned in chasing and realizing their dreams, have become successful in revolutionizing the entire corporate commute industry worldwide.

Modern business services, operational simplicity, employee happiness, safety & productivity, peace of mind, and increased profitability are what we thrive on offering to our clients. This year is coming to an end and our expert analysts who have extensive knowledge of the requirements for Mobility Services have successfully created Intelligent Solutions and established new benchmarks across sectors.

Both our brainchildren, WTicabs and Aaveg provide integrated people transportation ensuring best-in-class services in more than 200 cities in India and have recorded several milestones in its kitty.

The industry has gone thru serious challenging times during the covid-19 and after effects are now here to manage. There is a huge shortage of vehicles as during the covid-19 more than 70000 cars across the country were either surrendered or confiscated by the financer and the bankers leading to shortage of vehicles, sedans not being manufactured, chip shortage, surge in vehicles cost etc. We have come with innovative solutions for our clients in helping them deal with these mobility challenges and manage their businesses without hindrances.

Post covid-19 hardships, business has also paved the way for the implementation of hybrid commute services that enable flexible, "meet-me-where-I-am" commuter technology and strong local expertise capable of bridging to your workplace of tomorrow and we as an organization has improvised the Hybrid Commute Model by successfully implementing it for more than 100 clients.

May the workforce be with you if you commute to work from anywhere (hybrid workplace paradigm).



Our organization works around Sustainability, be it the people or resources deployed to support regular operations of the organization. In our context we call it Sanatan Sustainability


Say ‘Robust’ and it covers every aspect of our professional ecosystem. We take pride in providing uninterrupted 24X7 services 365 days a year.


For us, frugality is a way of life, a way of doing healthy business with minimum wastage, reusing resources, and continuously finding methods to do more with less.


Our Journey so far…


Fasten your seat belts, as we are flying high this year. As you land at the airport and long for a quick, comfortable, and safe drive back home after a long and tedious flight, WTicabs airport counters are there to help you. Several airport counters have been added to enhance accessibility. DELHI, BANGALORE, RAIPUR, JAIPUR, AMRITSAR, VISAKHAPATNAM, RAJAHMUNDRY, GUWAHATI, MADURAI


We are growing bigger! Our businesses, our presence, profitability, and our FAMILY, we are definitely growing bigger. Last year was a delight in terms of new faces joining our drive. With almost doubling the team and counting… nothing can stop us from achieving what we aim at. Kudos to all of us!


Indian always believed in sustainability since the inception of this race though for some time we lost our values due to external influences, However now with world going our way we have to take a lead in saving the planet by making everyone understand that our planet is one cosmic unit and whatever we do the impact of this is on the entire planet. Let’s break the shackles of boundaries that divide us as religion, cast, creed etc. and save our cosmic unit. Sanatan Sustainability is the future! The company envisions providing timeless and eternal sustainability solutions to its clients. We successfully beat more bucks for our clients while ensuring the organization's sustainability for generations to come. In other words, we are growing at a rapid pace using our own revenue and without external debts


The company has been growing leaps and bounds across the nation and did not deter its focus from not just matching but exceeding the client’s expectations. We continue to provide a large fleet on-road, robust technology, a wide network, corporate transportation like Car Rental, Employee Transportation, Mobility Solutions, and much more.


Testimonials from leading organizations like VMware, LinkedIn, Cognizant, and more. Lauding the company’s services, promptness, hygiene, comfort, etc. makes this cab service provider stand apart!

See what our clients have to say about us!

Vodafone has worked closely with Aaveg and found the team to be technical sound in terms of their domain knowledge and Professionals. They have an experienced team who are sensitive to customer requirements and align their services, accordingly.


Procurement - Vodafone

Appreciate the transport team for doing a wonderful job for helping me sort out the cab delays while drop where they followed the case quite supportively and made things possible where everything was going hazzelled out.

Lohit S

I would like to thank the Transport Team for assisting and catering multiple requests from L&D. I have noticed on multiple occasions, Transport Team being very considerate and assisting us in the hour of need.

Joseph Victor

ISGN Solutions

Good Job Pramod and team !! definitely you all have done a wonderful Job. Kudos to the whole WTI team for executing the overall on ground operations smoothly.


British Petroleum

We were happy to induct Aaveg for our Employee Commute Programme, a tech based solution at HDFC Ergo in North and West India during Covid '19 times, I must appreciate the commendable job and support offered by the team taking over the operations on a short notice and proactively helped us with complete flexibility in change of fleet size to optimise costs. We wish Aaveg Team all the success.


I wanted to share some feedback from my team on the transport facility. I appreciate we had a few back hiccups when we started but I feel with your support, we are providing a very good facility overall to our employees. Most of the employees are either very happy or happy with the service.


British Petroleum

I really want to appreciate all of your contribution in 2022 to make our ‘Return To Office’ activities successful. As a supplier partner you have been right there to support most of our business requirement that too when there was acute vehicle shortage in the industry.

With our collaborative approach we successfully partnered to support the site operations in this year and hope to take this to the next level of excellence in the upcoming year.


Regional Leader - IBM

Aaveg Management Services made my vertical productive ensuring that I meet my future employees. From the day one to date, my experience is getting better. Kudos to the team.

Business Coordinator - MSIPL

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Head Office - 3rd Floor, D21, Corporate Park, Sector21, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110077