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Build a DEMAND-RESPONSIVE workplace commute program that can accommodate the flexible nature of a hybrid work culture and the sensitivities of the post-Covid-19 era.



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Introducing WTicabs Demand-Responsive Transportation Program for the Hybrid Work Culture & Post-Covid Era

Hybrid Model

The New -Age solution to the present turbulent times

In today's evolving work environment, where hybrid work models have become prevalent, and post-Covid sensitivities are at the forefront, WTicabs offers a cutting-edge Demand-Responsive Transportation Program. Our program is designed to cater to the flexible nature of a hybrid work culture while ensuring the safety and convenience of employees.


Ever since the pandemic outbreak, remote working became the new fad. However, as we inched towards revival and started accepting the new norm of working; the hybrid model emerged as a viable solution. What was incorporated as an innovation soon emerged to be the dire need of the hour. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that the hybrid working model & Hybrid Commute model is here to stay!

With the right corporate transportation program, organizations can optimize their routes and vehicles on a continuous basis. By adopting this approach, the commute service is being redefined and the expenditure is being right-sized to fit the dynamic nature of the new workplace. Companies that are planning to adopt this working model will have to ensure the provision of safe, flexible and reliable methods to their teams while resuming their hustle in the offices. The employees on the other hand are also resorting to commute programs that allow them to build a commuting model that can accommodate the flexible nature of hybrid work culture.

Strategies to Enhance Hybrid Commute

Adopting Hybrid Working Model involves prioritizing the Workplace Commute needs and taking indispensable measures for employees – aligning transport policies, necessary technology implementation, working patterns and shifts and other favorable tools – keeping the client’s needs and primacies in sync.


Having a Employee Commute Management Solution in place

Closed nit communication & Clarity between transportation teams

Well-defined Policies for employees for using the workplace commute services

Weekly/ Monthly Advance scheduling plans for the entire organization

24*7 Support desk for Adhoc bookings, emergencies or urgent requests.

Benefits of Choosing WTicabs

Flexibility and Convenience !

Customized Routing & Scheduling !

Real-time Tracking and Communication!

Enhanced Safety Measures


Scalability and Adaptability

Environmental Sustainability

At WTicabs, we understand the challenges of managing transportation in a hybrid work culture and the need for post-Covid sensitivities. With our Demand-Responsive Transportation Program, you can offer your employees a flexible, safe, and convenient commuting solution while optimizing costs and promoting sustainability.

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Managing the Hybrid Commute Model for Our Clients

Fleet Management

We assist in managing and maintaining the hybrid vehicle fleet, including regular servicing, repairs, and inspections.

Our team ensures that the vehicles are clean, well-maintained, and fully operational at all times

Route Optimization

We leverage advanced technology and data analytics to optimize the commuting routes, minimizing travel time and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Our intelligent route planning algorithms consider factors such as traffic conditions, employee locations, and preferred drop-off points.

Booking and Scheduling

Our user-friendly mobile app and web portal enable employees to easily book their hybrid commute services based on their preferred timings and locations.

We efficiently schedule the pickups and drop-offs, ensuring a smooth and reliable commuting experience for all employees.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the safety and security of our clients and their employees.

Our drivers undergo rigorous background checks and are trained in defensive driving techniques and road safety protocols.

The hybrid vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features, such as airbags & GPS tracking systems.

Why Choose WTicabs for Hybrid Commute Services!

  • Extensive Experience

WTicabs has a proven track record of providing reliable and
efficient transportation solutions, with years of experience in the
industry, we understand the unique needs and challenges of
corporate transportation.

  • Diverse Hybrid Fleet

We offer a wide range of hybrid vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and
shuttles, catering to the specific requirements of our clients. Our
fleet is regularly updated to incorporate the latest technologies
and models.

  • Seamless Technology Integration

Our advanced technology platform enables easy booking, real-
time tracking, and seamless communication between clients,
drivers, and our operations team. We integrate our system with
our clients' existing HR or employee management platforms for
streamlined processes

Implementing a demand-responsive commute model

By following this step-by-step guide, implement a demand-responsive commute model and achieve the benefits of optimized transportation, enhanced employee satisfaction, and cost savings with WTicabs

Assess Needs and Goals

the specific challenges and pain points & determine the objectives to achieve

Define Service Parameters

factors like peak commuting times, employee locations, & special requirements.

Technology Implementation

This includes commute solutions, mobile applications, fleet tracking, & customer support tools.

Plan Fleet Requirement

factors such as vehicle capacity, accessibility, and fuel efficiency to match demand patterns & efficient utilization.

Data Analysis & Optimization

Analyze data to gain insights into commute patterns, service usage, & areas for improvement. Identify opportunities for cost savings, service enhancements, & further customization based on feedback & changing needs

Launch and Monitoring

Track key performance indicators such as on-time performance, customer satisfaction, vehicle occupancy, and cost-effectiveness & gather feedback.

Develop Routing & Scheduling

Utilize algorithms & data analytics to create efficient & dynamic routing plans that minimize travel time & maximize vehicle occupancy.

Continuous Improvement

Success Stories

Implementing Successful Operations for our clients

Case Study

Optimized Employee Transport Solution to improve vehicle utilization and efficiency for leading Fortune 500 company.

Case Study

Enabling Pan India locations for a leading banking company to seamlessly manage their employee transportation with digital automation.

Case Study

Digitization of a leading IT company’s time consuming , manual office commute system for 5800+ employees.

Case Study

Optimized Employee Transport Solution to improve vehicle utilization and efficiency for leading Fortune 500 company.

One-Stop Solution

From Sedan to SUV to coaches and buses,we do it all

Expert Supervision

Our experienced NewBuilding tea ensures highest quality of services

Dedicated Digital Platform

Our mobility plans are adapted for, & developed in collaboration with each company to meet their specific needs

Our Services

WTicabs efficiently manage ground transportation services for corporate by providing safe and secure employee mobility experience through better governance & pre-configured processes to apply operational excellence techniques to continually involve your mobility needs.

Employee Transportation

Commuting your employee daily from office to home and vice-versa ensuring
all the compliance & safety measures.

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Corporate Car Rental

Managing Adhoc commute for your employees, guests and VIP’s like airport transfers, traveling outstation, events etc.

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Project & Site Commute

Transporting employees to sites of projects situated in tier 2 & tier 3 cities or offsite – customized as per client.

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Commute Solutions

Optimizing Fleet, Managing transport team & Transiting to an Automated Workplace Commute Ecosystem

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Electrification of Fleet

Deploying Electric vehicles for Corporates across the country

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Corporate Mobility Solutions

Redefine entire Corporate Transportation Experience through our Managed Staff Mobility Solutions

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Clients We Serve

I would like to share my feedback on the support we have received from Madhavi Sharma (WTI) & team. It is a pleasure to have WTI with us during the continuous business need in our way. We would like to continue the journey in our coming ways forward.

Thank you for your timely support during the unrest situation in NCR last week. Really appreciate the commitment that was displayed by your team to provide the required fleet and ensured employee safety during such a critical time.

We would like to appreciate your support on arranging vehicles on last Tuesday (1st August) where we went through a situation and needed to evacuate the all 3 NCR sites, that was a last minute requirement but your respective site managers and ground team have displayed excellent co-ordination and arranged the required number of vehicles to send back the IBM employees safely to their residence.
Thank you once again for supporting the Tuesday and several other vehicle requirement in the rest of the last week.

The vehicle you arranged were in excellent condition and the drivers were professional. They were always punctual and ensured that my travel needs were always met. I am grateful for the time and effort you invested in ensuring that my trip was a success, being with me at Airport. Thank you once again for your outstanding service.

Banagita Muduli

HR & Admin - Capitaland

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your service Which was provided for the Ciena All hands. Thank you for all the efforts and for making it a well-managed event. Please extend our thanks to other team members who supported us during this program.

Shivraj Jakhar

Facility Manager - Ciena

I Know this is all effort the way whole management was done. Congrats to the team for such appreciation from client for wonderful services. Keep it up!

Asif Shaikh

Workplace Lead - JLL

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you once again for all that you have done for us. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for the excellent service you have provided.

Pramod Shinde

Transport Manager - UBS

Aaveg is a single key for all locks. We had been facing a lot of issues with multiple service providers. However, having Aaveg in place, we were able to deliver better results


Logistics and Operations - Max Life Insurance

We have found the team to be technical sound in terms of their domain knowledge and Professionals.


Procurement - Vodafone

Appreciate the transport team for doing a wonderful job for helping me sort out the cab delays while drop where they followed the case quite supportively.

Lohit S

I would like to thank the Transport Team for assisting and catering multiple requests from L&D.

Joseph Victor

ISGN Solutions

I wanted to share some feedback from my team on the transport facility. I appreciate we had a few back hiccups when we started but I feel with your support, we are providing a very good facility overall to our employees. Most of the employees are either very happy or happy with the service.


British Petroleum

I really want to appreciate all of your contribution in 2022 to make our ‘Return To Office’ activities successful. As a supplier partner you have been right there to support most of our business requirement that too when there was acute vehicle shortage in the industry.


Regional Leader - IBM


3rd Floor, D21, Corporate Park, Sector-21, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110077






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