Employee Transportation Services

A comprehensive solution to make employee transportation management and corporate staff transportation operations automated, efficient, safe and transparent.

  • Pan-India
    Network & reach

  • Optimization of
    Resources & Operating costs

  • Implant

  • Customized
    MIS reports

  • Optimization with
    App - based technology

  • Key
    account manager

  • Paperless

  • Innovative Cost
    Saving Solutions

  • Custom-made
    pricing structures

  • CSR

Enabling Smarter Employee Commute Experiences
  • Safety in
    Every Facet

  • Simplified Service
    Delivery Process

  • Assessment &
    Tech Implementation

  • Accuracy in Inventory,
    Utilization & MIS

  • Real-Time
    Performance Management

  • Compliance: Regulatory &

  • Replacing CNG
    vehicle by EV’s

Transforming India’s Corporate Ground Transportation

Program Management

End to end corporate ground transportation management

Robust Solutions

Pan-India fleet, transport team and technology under one umbrella.


Winner of many prestigious national and international awards

Domain Expertise

Unmatched capabilities - fleet of 5000+ vehicles, 10+ years of benchmark services


Team of 700+ best-in-class employees. Lead by industry veterans


Serving 400+ diverse corporates. 88% revenue (2018-19) through repeat business

Risks & Mitigation

  • Transition Risk Planning

    Continuity of strong suppliers aligning with our objectives
    Transition in phased manner
    Fair allocation of business, purely basis performance
    Back up fleet support from group company WTI and other vendors
  • Planned Vehicles for backup

    Engagements with Vendors with proven track record
    Flow of Information
    Healthy mix of DCOs / Vendors / Owned vehicle
    Timely payments to vendor partners
    Vendor Engagements for bigger vehicles in each city
  • Accidents

    Vehicle ageing – < 3 yrs.
    Constant tracking of trips
    GPS / SOS features in vehicles
    QRT vehicles at each locations
    Engagements with hospitals for quick resolution
  • Strikes and Bandhs

    Engagement with suppliers working at other sites
    Create Pool with delinquency of 10-15%
    Healthy mix of owned /DCO/ vendor based vehicles to ensure balance
    Existing relationships with aggregators
    Bandwidth of large vehicles in each city – buses / TT only to be used in case of BCPs
  • Technology Breakdowns

    Back up alternate remote server
    Alternate teams to manage operations for quick stabilization
    Support from Transport Command Centre
    Special teams to be flown in emergencies

Safety and Security

  • Driver, Employee &
    User Trainings

  • Safety Measures
    in Vehicle

  • Statutory

  • Chauffeur

  • Technological

  • Women

Customized Commercial Models

Commutr - Our Technology platform to manage
a corporate employee transport system

A comprehensive services to operate your employee transportation.

  • User App
  • Chauffeur App
  • Transportation Manager/Admin
  • Advanced/Optional Features
  • Built-in Apps

  • Route Optimization

  • Tracking Coordinates

  • Ad-hoc Request

  • View Trip Details

  • OTP based Trip Check-in

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Alert Management

  • In-built SOS Alert

  • Feedback Mechanism

  • 24*7 Help-desk

  • Upcoming Trips Details

  • Pickup & Drop

  • Easy Navigation

  • Alerts Management

  • Emergency Mechanism

  • 24*7 Help Desk

  • Centralized Command Centre

  • GPS Tracking

  • Roster Management

  • Route Management

  • Request Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Drivers Management

  • Employee Management

  • Billing Management

  • Dashboard & Analytics

  • Notification & Alerts

  • Mobile App

  • Number Masking Feature

  • Women Safety Features

  • Audit Equipped

  • Automated Billing Module

  • Customized Dashboards

We tailor to all your Employee Transportation Needs

Making Employee Mobility experience robust Together

Partner with us to transmute your employee mobility process by leveraging our custom-made solution.

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