Electric Vehicle Transportation Services and EV Mobility Solutions

Adoption of pollution-free Electric Vehicles for Employee
Transportation Service & Workplace Commute

When you are thinking about the future of your organization, you are evaluating options which are sustainable for your business as well as for the environment. Having an electric portfolio is what will endow organizations to map a growth path which is also green.

WTiCabs is all geared up to provide Sustainable Mobility by inducting electric vehicles for staff transportation and Corporate Car Rental services across the country, creating an ecosystem alongside.

Bringing frugalities in the commute

Facilitation to client for charging station

Adapt Paperless working culture

Plant one tree in the name of each transport user across the country

Reducing Carbon Footprint by deploying an environmentally -friendly fleet

Technological driven operations with minimum human interventions

Driving towards electric mobility targets that is sustainable and inclusive. Interested to Know More!

Electric Vehicle Transition Plan


The truth is that the upfront for EVs is higher than ICEs. But EVs’ lower servicing and maintenance costs quickly bridge the high upfront cost and combined it with various grants and incentives offered by many governments, your EV fleet’s TCO (total cost of ownership) will end up being lower than the regular ICEs


Today, driving a combustion engine vehicle contributes 70 percent to emissions from transport. Electric mobility can help reduce the carbon footprint of your workplace and optimize energy efficiency of your facility. Using resources as proficiently as possible and minimizing waste can not only shrink costs but also limit the emissions from a company.


Higher Utilizations, defined routes, pre-planed trips make corporates a perfect segment for adopting EV’s. With Installation of charging stations at corporates or identifying the closet station available – the cabs can be fully charges at ease and business can operate seamlessly.

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WTiCabs efficiently manage ground transportation services for corporate by providing safe and secure employee mobility experience through better governance & pre-configured processes to apply operational excellence techniques to continually involve your mobility needs. WTi Cabs, being one of the largest and the fastest-growing companies in the People Ground Transportation space, deployed the EVs in their fleet across the country, reinforcing its commitment to service clients while enhancing sustainability.

Employee Transportation

Commuting your employee daily from office to home and vice-versa ensuring
all the compliance & safety measures.

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Corporate Car Rental

Managing Adhoc commute for your employees, guests and VIP’s like airport transfers, traveling outstation, events etc.

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Project & Site Commute

Transporting employees to sites of projects situated in tier 2 & tier 3 cities or offsite – customized as per client.

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Commute Solutions

Optimizing Fleet, Managing transport team & Transiting to an Automated Workplace Commute Ecosystem

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Electrification of Fleet

Deploying Electric vehicles for Corporates across the country

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Corporate Mobility Solutions

Redefine entire Corporate Transportation Experience through our Managed Staff Mobility Solutions

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Lesser Moving Parts

Lower vibrations

Simpler Design

Better motor performance

Higher Glider Strength

Higher robustness

Lower heat

Lesser Battery replacement


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