Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles

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Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles

The invention of the wheel long back led to a pronounced revolution around the globe and a promising relationship between the man and the wheel. But in no time, the greenhouse gas emission from modern vehicles has led to enormous harm to the earth’s atmosphere.

Public transport, private vehicles, service cabs, etc. have all anyhow contributed to the depletion of the planet’s air. Multiple indifferences including the health of the populace, earth’s air depletion, and environment are some examples to name a few. It is estimated that transportation accounts for a huge percent of greenhouse gas emissions leading to environmental depletion.

In such a stressful circumstance, the solution lies in the encouragement of Zero-Emission Vehicles. Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) are vital for addressing climate change and improving lifestyle standards as they produce lower Greenhouse gas than ordinary fossil fuel vehicles. Bringing about zero emission of harmful gases, ZEVs not only contribute to the improvement of AQI but also have revolutionized the modern-day mobilization.

WTi cab services play a very vital role in choosing Sustainable Motility Mode. With an excellent partnership with certain manufacturers, WTi announced the next milestone on its journey of driving electrification, to deploy Electric Vehicles (EVs) across the country by 2025.

WTicabs, being one of the largest and the fastest-growing companies in the People Ground Transportation space, deployed the EVs in their fleet across the country, reinforcing its commitment to service clients while enhancing sustainability.

The first batch of Tigor EVs was handed over by the Tata Motors team to Wise Travel India officials, at Concorde Motors, Baner, Pune.

In 2019, while announcing the partnership with TATA MOTORS in Pune, Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Care, Electric Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “We are delighted to partner with WTicabs on their pragmatic initiative of inducting zero-emission vehicles in their fleet running across Pune.”

Hence, WTi has always been a step ahead in revolutionizing sustainable mobility services in the past as well as in the present and hopes to deliver the same in the future.

The benefits of zero-emission and lower operating costs of EVs will help us fulfil the expectations of customers economically and sustainably.

Therefore, we aim to encourage and promote the maximum practice of ZEVs all over the nation.

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