Why WTI is your ultimate Outstation Ride Partner?

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Why WTI is your ultimate Outstation Ride Partner?

During the past few years of the pandemic, what we have missed the most is traveling and visiting new places. After those long days in the office, the mind always calls for a weekend getaway. There are many places to visit and numerous modes of travel but the best way is to relax, take a cab and let your chauffeur drive through those country roads, where you just enjoy the journey and let the car take you to your destination.

Now the question is which cab do you choose for your next journey?

It's simple, with the most premium cabs in the market, WTI is your ultimate Outstation ride partner. WTI is ready to satisfy your travel bug. With our wide variety of cabs, ranging from a number of Sedans to Budget SUVs to Premium SUVs and with competitive prices and sanitized rides. If you travel with us, You have the convenience to leave at your desired time, be it early in the morning or the afternoon or late at night, or take breaks wherever you want, at a roadside dhaba or the QSR drive thru. It's all at your convenience.

We make sure that our cars are in the best of shape as we always get our cars serviced at regular intervals. We make sure that our drivers drive within the speed limits on the highway. However, In case of any accident on the highways or any breakdowns any damage to the car is covered by our insurance. Furthermore we will also provide you a replacement ride and try to get you going as soon as possible.

Being on time is easy - That’s our mantra! We make sure that our drivers are never late. WTI has a zero cancellation policy, Once you book a cab – we won't cancel it. WTI adheres to the timelines provided by our customers at the time of booking. However if our cab is delayed beyond 30 minutes, you may get double the refund. Yes – DOUBLE THE REFUND!

We provide you with mobile charging facilities for your mobile and tablets so that you do not drain your devices while working on those last minute emails or while applying your leave while you travel.

With the increase in global fuel prices WTI promises not to hamper your weekend getaway plan. WTI offers attractive and competitive prices on your CAB booking for your next outstation trip. WTI offers secure and convenient payment methods. In recent times many people have raised this issue that cab drivers have asked the customers to pay Toll charges on toll plazas, Be assured, Our prices are inclusive of all toll taxes, GST. We don’t have any hidden costs; the amount paid at the time of booking is the final amount that you have to pay.


We respect women and so do our drivers. However we have provided a dedicated SOS button if any need arises. Apart from the above, our cabs have a GPS Tracking device that help our operations team to track our cabs at all time.

We wish you a pleasant taxi experience and hope to serve you soon in one of our vehicles. In order to get the best cab experience for you next Railway Station drop, click on the link below and book your next airport ride.


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