Why WTI is your ultimate cab ride to the Railway Station?

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Why WTI is your ultimate cab ride to the Railway Station?

Chal Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya, What does this song remind you of? A train journey and off course SRK, what nostalgia right! Imagine yourself travelling through the lush green mountains of the Western Ghats or through the tunnels of the Great Himalayas, the winding sections of the Kalka-Shimla/Ooty - Coonoor toy train. Well, who doesn’t like to travel! Indian railways connect the entire country. Book a train and explore the country. But how do you get to the Railway Station?

WTI brings you its premium cabs for your next ride to the Railway Station, WTI provides clean cabs with class leading technology, and background verified drivers that lead to a safe and comfortable riding experience. We provide you a seamless experience on your drive to the Railway Station, where you ride in comfort to the Station while dreaming about your upcoming trip.


We provide you charging facilities for you mobile and tablets so that you do not drain your devices while working on those last minute emails or while applying your leave while you travel to the Railway Station.


WTI offers you the most attractive and competitive prices on our entire fleet, no matter if you book in advance or get it done at the last moment. With our fast checkout and a booking mechanism, booking a cab is a piece of cake. WTI Offers a wide number of payment methods and provides secure payment modes for your booking. Have you been asked to pay the toll tax at the toll plaza by you cab driver? Well not with us, our prices are transparent and cover the your Toll prices, GST etc. We don’t have any hidden costs; the amount paid at the time of booking is the final amount that you have to pay.


We at WTI value the time of our Customers, With a Zero cancellation policy and a strict time table, WTI ensures that our customers never reach their destination late.


Yes you read it right! Although we aim to be as punctual as possible; However in extraordinary circumstances if our cab is delayed by more than 30 minutes, you may get double the amount of refund.


For those who like to enjoy a luxurious drive, Our Drivers are well mannered and always in Uniform, thereby giving you that boss like feeling when you travel. Apart from that, WTI also ensures that the background of our drivers is verified.


WTI ensures that our cabs are fit and healthy both on the inside and the outside. We would not want our cabs to break down on the middle of your journey, Hence we make sure that the cabs are serviced on regular intervals. We ensure that our cabs are sanitized after each ride as we want our customers to travel in a safe environment. We make sure that the air conditioning is working in our cabs and yes WE DO NOT TURN OFF THE AIRCONDITIONING IN OUR CABS.


WTI is dedicated to woman safety hence we have active GPS tracking devices in all our cabs that enables us to keep track on the location of our vehicles at all times. For additional safety WTI has also provided an SOS button in our cabs.

We wish you a pleasant taxi experience and hope to serve you soon in one of our vehicles. In order to get the best cab experience for you next Railway Station drop, click on the link below and book your next airport ride.


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