Why charging solutions are the fuel of fleet electrification

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Why charging solutions are the fuel of fleet electrification

Companies aiming to taste the success of the electrification of their companies’ car fleets need to implement effective charging solutions. As per the car policy, if the companies have started offering electric company cars, then the provision of a fitting charging solution is the need of the hour. These charging solutions are essential to raising the electrification level of the cabs.

Another important thing to note is that we are living in a fast-paced world and people don’t have time to wait. It is imperative to choose the right mobility partner who can help you match your goals. The transport services offered by WTicabs are impeccable. They offer safe, comfortable, and tailor-made employee commute, airport and railway transfers, event transfers, and more.

Let us talk about the importance of charging solutions in fleet electrification.

Electrification of the fleet

Electrification of the fleet has become a significant part of the companies’ mobility plan. Since traditional cars have started to become obsolete and treated as an unhealthy way of living, it has become important for companies to heavily rely on non-electric cars. This seems to be a more attractive proposition for them as they are able to save fuel and tax, and allow them to fulfil their environmental responsibilities by lowering CO2 emissions.

Since electrified vehicles need to be equipped with an upscale charging facility, the companies need to gear up for that. Hence, it is critical for companies to focus not just on the sustainable electrification of their cabs but also on fitting charging solutions. They need to devise and develop a strong framework for charging solutions to improve the electrification of the company fleet.

Implementing charging solutions

There are many different methods and ways to ensure the implementation of the charging solutions. one of the effective ways is to make it part of the lease or purchase budget. They can also provide tax benefits for private installations.

With the advent of electric cars in the market many years ago, the leasing companies provided charging infrastructure installation too as a part of the lease contract. Due to the low spread, they ensured to have an effective and simple sourcing process like conventional car processes. Since the number of drivers as well as electrical cars has grown rapidly, it has led to the increased requirement of the amount of charging solutions. This has created a need for a stable, continuous, and simple solution for the e-car company fleet.

To source the charging infrastructure, there can be two ways. One way is to source it through the leasing company and the other way is to look for an independent partner.

Wrapping up

A charging solution is a critical part of an electric company car. The same needs to be included in the company budget and plan to benefit the company car as well as company employees. Since the charging solutions are not known to privately benefit the employees, they will not attract any extra social security and tax. Companies need to prep up and think more about charging station solutions for efficacious business and employee transportation management.

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