Why WTI is the best Car Rental Service Provider

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Why WTI is the best Car Rental Service Provider

WTI provides the best Car Rental Services that you will ever need. WTI is a pioneer in the industry with years of experience in the sector. WTI provides a robust booking system that is user friendly. WTI is fully compliant in its operations and is Customizable to your needs.


WTI ensures transparent operation and provides our customers with whatever is required by them. WTI believes that honesty and integrity helps build long-term relationships of trusts. Therefore WTI ensures never to add any hidden charges in any of our services, thus enabling us to create a relationship of trust with our customers through the years.


WTI ensures its cars are timely serviced and in good working condition when deputed to our customers. However, in case of any breakdown or any accident, WTI provides 24*7 support via our helpdesk.

Bespoke Solution

WTI believes that each customer is special and each customer has a different set of requirements than the other; therefore WTI ensures to provide a tailor made solution as per your needs.

Secure Application and Payment Gateways

WTI respects the data and privacy of its customers and provides a secure application that meets with all compliance criteria and ensures that the data of the customer is safe at all times. WTI provides secure payment gateways to ensure that the payments are made in a secure manner. We also provide a number of payment options including UPI, Credit card payments, Debit card payments etc.

GPS Tracking

All WTI cars are fitted with GPS trackers in them. To provide added safety to our customers Our operations teams track our vehicles round the clock and immediately raise an alarm and contact the driver in case any vehicle changes its regular route.

Huge Fleet to choose from

WTI has a fleet of thousands of cars that include both internal combustion engines and Electric Vehicles. Our Fleet comprises Hatchbacks, Sedans, Luxury Cars, SUVs, and Tempo Travellers etc. In order to support the go green initiative WTI plans to switch to an all-electric model in the coming years. Currently, more than 10% of our vehicles are all electric.

Booking Management

WTI ensures to provide you the best booking management system in the industry. WTI values the time of its customers and ensures that our cars never reach late to your doorstep. We provide both scheduled and advance bookings and also take care of any ad-hoc bookings that you may have apart from your regular Scheduled Bookings.

Reliable Chauffeurs

In order to provide a brilliant experience to the Customer, WTI understands that its chauffeurs need to be reliable. In order to do that, WTI ensures that a thorough background check of all its drivers is conducted before they are selected. All our chauffeurs are trained and drive within speed limits; we ensure that our chauffeurs are polite and respectful with the customers. WTI provides regular training to its chauffeurs and keeps them updated with the new changes in Traffic rules. We further ensure that all our Chauffeurs are well groomed and in neat uniforms when out on duty.

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