Tips to Choose the Right Airport Taxi Service in Bengaluru

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Tips to Choose the Right Airport Taxi Service in Bengaluru

After the much awaited pacification of COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has seen an incredible amount of increase in the number of people traveling by air and even railways, this has led to an increase in the demand of Airport Taxis. Catering to this demand, the number of taxi service options also flooded, leaving the travelers in a dilemma of choosing what’s best for them.

Considering the fact that Bengaluru traffic can be exhausting, and the massive distance of Bangalore airport from any corner of the city, it is important to choose the right kind of airport transfer taxi. Here, we have jotted down some points to keep in mind while choosing your next airport transfer services in Bengaluru.

Do your own research before taking final call

Before contacting any cab services at the airport, do some research on the Internet about the various cab services available at the Kempegowda Airport – Bengaluru. Do look out for the customer ratings on reputed platforms like google, trustpilot etc, read any and all feedback regarding such cab services. It is always smart to choose a cab service with a good reputation even if they charge higher amounts. Safety and convenience are paramount.

Ask for valid paper work

Any cab providing services at the airport must have valid insurance for their car fleet. Especially the car in which they carry you. Make sure to ask for valid insurance before choosing the service provider. As per law, these service providers must have valid insurance in order to carry passengers. Not only this, also check the driver’s license, identify the driver with the photograph as on driver’s license, and the registration certificate before you hop on the car.

Check for GST details

Before you finalize a cab service, it's important to search for their GST or any other registration details or even ask for the same at the counter. This will help you in filling reimbursements from your employer (if any). A good airport transport provider must always have these details handy and they mustn’t have any problems sharing the same with customers.

Tips before you boarding the taxi

It is always advised to note the cab registration details before you hop into a taxi. You must also search for a route in advance for your destination and ask the driver to drive you via the route of your choice. Even if the driver insists on a shorter route or a route with less traffic, it's always wise to take the route that you decided. Apart from the above, please rely on your gut feeling on the car condition. Please check the condition of the car, the cleanliness, hygiene, if the AC is in working condition, check for foul smell etc.

Cancellation policy:

Please ask your service provider regarding the cab cancellation policy in advance. Many cab drivers cancel the ride 5 minutes before the departure time, which can lead to serious consequences like not reaching the airport on time, or even missing the flight. Make sure you choose the provider which offers strictly no cancellation policy in order to avoid last minute hassles.

Cost is not Important

At last, kindly ensure that the cost of a ride should be around your budget but don’t mind spending a few more bucks for the sake of a safe ride. Your choice of taxi service is as important as any other aspect in your trip. Many service providers use lower prices as a bait for selling their poor quality service, trying not to fall in such traps. It's always smart to choose the right service provider for yourself and your loved ones. Always do your due diligence before choosing Cab service while at Bengaluru Airport.

Conclusion – Research is very important when you travel to a new place. We often do a lot of research about the Destination, excursions, culture, culinary offerings, places to visit, or its nightlife but forget to do research on small things like these. Hence, next time please keep the above points in mind when you travel.

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