The Return of the Commute

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The Return of the Commute

With pandemic restrictions in India easing out, offices are getting busier and once again filling. However, various desks are still empty. Various organizations are bullish on getting the staff back to work. Some are working from the office, some are working from home. However, many of them are embracing the hybrid concept.

Commuting making its way back

Hybrid working will emerge to be the new norm of workplaces. This trend was highlighted by Gartner in its recent report which states that HR managers are preparing for management of the hybrid workforce in the times to come. 49% of global HRs surveyed share that hybrid working will be embraced by organizations in the future. Hence, it is anticipated that employees will continue to commute despite the shifts in the current pandemic scenario. This implies that commutation will return and will once again be an important aspect of the employees’ lives.

The demand for responsive workplace commute programs will thus witness a surge. Such initiatives backed by robust technology solutions will play a major role in driving operational efficiency. In such a scenario, having a dedicated fleet model enabling Hybrid Commute will be a successful strategy.

Organizations redefining their commutation policies and programs for employees

The usual public transit routes or corporate shuttles won’t be feasible for the hybrid working model. With employees fluctuating every day and their work schedules changing daily; the commutation strategies also need to be modified so as to meet this demand. This is the reason why companies are taking charge of their employees’ commute as well as are incorporating modifications in their commuter benefits programs.

This is pushing the employers to turn to commute platforms that allow them to build a commuter transportation program that can accommodate the flexible nature of hybrid work culture and the disruptions of the post-Covid-19 era. With the appropriate corporate transportation program, companies are also optimizing their shuttle routes and vehicles as per their convenience. This will help ensure that their transportation service, as well as the expenditure of commutation, is controlled and sufficient for the dynamically changing workplaces.

The bottom line

Companies planning to adopt the hybrid working model are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the provision of safe, flexible, and reliable methods to their workforces ensuring their daily commutation is hassle-free. The employees on the other hand are also resorting to commute programs that allow them to build a commuting model that can accommodate the flexible nature of hybrid work culture.

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