Soak the beauty of pristine white snow in the Himalayas with WTi Outstation Cab

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Soak the beauty of pristine white snow in the Himalayas with WTi Outstation Cab

All mountain lovers have a common dream – to visit the Himalayas at least once in their lifetime. The Himalayas are symbolic of crowning nature's apex and landscape grandeur. While some people can’t stop admiring the view of the dramatic Himalayan high skylines, some people are awe-struck by the snow-capped glaciated peaks nestled in the dense forest.

People from all cultures, countries, and communities, plan to visit the Himalayas motivated by their own unique beliefs such as excursions, pilgrimage, adventure, and more. While traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture is dominant here, travellers can also expect high-adrenaline adventure, epic treks, well-developed infrastructure, and more.

The beauteous bright-coloured prayer flags hang along the clear lake burrowed in the sandy white hills. Take a trip to the Himalayas and feel alive!

Visiting the Himalayas

The Himalayan range has some of the world’s highest peaks such as the highest Mount Everest in Nepal. More than 100 peaks at 7,200 m make the Himalayas gigantic. The Himalayas crosses five countries of India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, and Pakistan. Even the world's main rivers like the Indus, the Ganges, and the Brahmaputra originate in the Himalayas. Himalayan peaks are sacred for the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism.

To cover the Himalayan trip, you need at least seven to fourteen days. Add a little more time to acclimatize. The flora and fauna of the Himalayas depend on external factors such as the weather, rainfall, altitude, soils, etc. The climate can be tropical at the base mountains and snowy at the elevations.

At high altitudes, you can even spot an endangered snow leopard. On the alpine pastures and rocky terrain, there are Himalayan goats and blue sheep. You can also spot Himalayan musk deer at high altitudes. The flora and fauna are the wealth of the Himalayas. Hydrangea hirta is one of the finest and prettiest examples of floral species.


The best way to experience the mountains is in the comfort of cabs. Himalayan trips just cannot get more stunning than this. Follow the curvaceous mountain paths and keep experiencing the adventure of spinning wheels across the majestic monuments, local villages, and jaw-dropping lakes and peaks.

Make your journey comfortable, fun, and gratifying by covering the hills in WTI outstation cabs. WTicabs are committed to making your journey full of comfort and peace. While the Himalayan range stretches 1550 miles across Asia, from Kashmir and Ladakh to Kathmandu, the chauffeur-driven WTicabs assure their clients of a fulfilling trip. Here is why you must consider hiring only WTicabs:

● WTI chauffeurs are certified and expert drivers. They can be trusted as the company hires them only after a stringent and complete background check.

● You don’t have to worry about the cab cancellation. WTI is strict on a no-cancellation policy.

● To make your journey safer, their fleet of vehicles is equipped with the SOS emergency button service.

● Their cabs are well-maintained and hygienic to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Book this ultra-professional and excellent cab service provider to sail safely through the audacious and dangerous roads of the Himalayas!

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