10 Places to visit in India during February

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10 Places to visit in India during February

It's the start of the month, a great time to be planning new journeys ahead. February, the “Month of Love”, is an excellent time to explore India’s rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and pleasant weather, an ideal winter getaway. February tourism in India may be slow but it presents perfect conditions for exploring historical monuments, vibrant festivals, natural wonders and much more. Here are WTicabs top February travel destinations for unforgettable experiences across India during February. Explore and experience the best from the best vacation spots this February.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, engulfed with pleasant weather conditions, is the perfect sightseeing spot for people travelling in February. The Pink City is a one of a kind place where majestic forts, palaces and bustling markets exist coherently. Explore historical monuments like Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, etc. Also enjoy the local cultural events like the Kite Festival and the Elephant Festival. WTicabs provides a tailored itinerary for your visit to Jaipur and nearby cities like Agra.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

February offers an excellent climate for tourists, with cool mornings and evenings along with moderately warm afternoons in Agra, a place full of Mughal heritage from the iconic Taj Mahal, Agra Fort to Fatehpur Sikri. Such extremely pleasant weather conditions provide a great opportunity to explore iconic landmarks seamlessly. If you aren’t accustomed to crowded places, February in Agra sees fewer crowds compared to peak season, allowing visitors to enjoy their trip leisurely while experiencing local culture and cuisine. So, what are you waiting for? Get your travel itinerary from WTicabs now.


Goa’s February is a bustling peak tourist season, with accessible amenities, events and activities throughout the territory. The beaches are lively, the nightlife is vibrant and the Portuguese architecture of the territory is a day-time coastal paradise. Visiting Goa in February will throw you to pleasantly warm weather, participation in lively festivals like the Goa Carnival and Shigmo Festival and engaging in water sports and wildlife viewing making the place one of the best winter travel destinations in India.

Kerala Backwaters

Want to experience the serene beauty of Kerala's backwaters aboard a houseboat amidst lush greenery and tranquil waters? Visiting in February is the answer. You will get to witness flourishing flora and fauna as Kerala Backwaters have dry and balmy weather during the time of the year. Utilise full service availability and partake in the jubilation of holiday celebrations amidst scenic vistas. Book ahead to secure a hassle- free and memorable journey.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

The City of Lakes, Udaipur presents a romantic allure of stunning palaces, serene lakes and vibrant culture. Udaipur’s February is all about basking in the gentle warmth, admiring azure skies framing majestic landmarks, revelling in vivacious cultural spectacles and embracing romance amidst royal opulence. Plan for a tranquil escape along Lake Pichola at sunset and marvel at opulent palaces like the City Palace and Lake Palace. While you are there to make memories, indulge in royal treatment at heritage hotels offering luxurious accommodations and impeccable services. Make use of the benefit from manageable crowds and budget-friendly rates from WTicabs for a cherished winter vacation in February.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

If you choose to travel in February to Ranthambore National Park, you will get to experience prime tiger-spotting opportunities under the bright blue skies and crisp air. Hop on a thrilling wildlife safari to spot tigers and other exotic fauna in their natural habitat where February’s optimal weather encourages increased animal activity, leading to enhanced safari experiences. Satisfy your winter wilderness exploration away from crowded schedules and elevated pricing of the peak seasons.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

One can witness the spiritual fervour of Varanasi with it’s ancient temples, ghats and mesmerising Ganga Aarti ceremonies all under the auspicious winter weather. Engage in profound introspection amidst enchanting devotional ceremonies as you savour moments of quiet reflection before the advent of monsoonal torrents and blistering heat. Immerse yourself in centuries-old tradition and transcendental harmony by embarking on a spiritual trip in February .

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

As we all know, snow arrived late in Shimla this winter. If you travel in February , like right now, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains, colonial architecture and adventurous activities in this charming hill station. An escape to Shimla will guarantee frosty landscapes, snow-dusted peaks and bracing mountain air, perfect for ski enthusiasts and those craving alpine adventures. Don’t forget to take small breaks and savour Himachal's warm and hearty cuisine when you traverse the scenic roads. Capture Instagrammable memories to express timeless elegance and seasonal magnificence. Book your WTicabs and travel to nearby places like Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj, Kullu, Dalhousie, Spiti Valley and Kasauli.

Kolkata, West Bengal

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, the birthplace of Indian literary and artistic thoughts. Kolkata’s moderate temperature in February sets out to be the best time to explore it’s literature, art, music and delectable cuisine. Tourism in February may be slow but leisurely exploration of West Bengal's cultured capital is made possible owing to fewer visitors and diminished humidity. Rent your WTicabs and embrace intriguing historical sites, literary hotspots and artistic gems accompanied by mouth watering regional cuisine.

Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, nestled in the Western Ghats, serves as a captivating location with picturesque tea plantations, lush valleys and breathtaking landscapes. If you are planning to travel in winter to South India, Munnar is the place to be, a place with comfortably warm days and chilly nights draped in misty veils. Witnessing verdant tea plantations punctuated by cascading waterfalls and exotic flora is a decision away. Make sure to capitalise on light visitor traffic, get your WTicabs outstation car rental, ensure a relaxed pace traversing winding roads, absorb spectacular landscapes and embrace pure serenity this time of the year.

With WTicabs, you can travel seamlessly to any of these destinations, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free journey to make the most of your February exploration across India an exciting one. Our vetted drivers, user-friendly platform, transparent billing system and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from amongst our peers. To conclude, choosing WTicabs for your travels to any top vacation spots in February promises a seamless, reliable and safe mode of transportation all tailored to your needs and requirements. So, embark upon your next great adventure stress-free, knowing WTicabs stands steadfast behind delivering exceptional travel experiences designed just for you! Book your WTicabs now.

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