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Are you planning a family outing in Hyderabad? Are you in search of places to visit in Hyderabad with friends and family? Hyderabad is a metropolis with a strong sense of regality that vies to be the nation's tech centre. Visiting Hyderabad will give you the ultimate pleasure from it's mouth-watering cuisine to it's regal tombs and castles. For easy travel, the best method is to reserve a cab booking service in Hyderabad from reliable service providers like WTicabs so that you can see the city and explore it on your own terms, making stops along the route (for the biryani, of course) and taking unusual trips.

If you're planning a trip to this beautiful city with your friends and family, here are some of the best places to visit. Book an outstation cab in Hyderabad, get your itinerary fixed and visit this vibrant and historical city at your own pace.

Best Places to Visit In Hyderabad With Friends & Family


Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built Hyderabad's magnificent Charminar, one of the city's most famous structures, in 1591. Take your family to renowned and remarkable architectural design and be lost in this stunning architectural masterpiece that embodies Hyderabad's grandeur and legacy. It's four exquisitely adorned minarets, which convey a sense of classic elegance, amaze tourists with their superb design. You and your family can bond over with a nostalgic feeling for the past when you visit this bustling and vibrant marketplace.

Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort, a 13th-century historical landmark in Hyderabad, is a very famous historical site. As you explore the fort complex, elaborate architecture, lovely gardens and expansive views of the surroundings can be embraced. Golconda Fort is a testimony to Hyderabad's rich history and architectural wonder, whispering tales of ancient grandeur and strategic cunning. Not only does the fort offer breathtaking views, captivating music and light shows are organised inside. The ambience is sure to transport visitors to bygone eras and offers a clear window into the illustrious past of this famous location.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Places To Visit In Hyderabad With Friends & Family

This large artificial lake is a popular spot for boating and picnicking. The lake is also home to the iconic Buddha statue, which stands at a height of 18 metres and is a sight to behold. Hussain Sagar Lake is not just a heart-shaped lake but a place that tells stories of the historical past. The serene 18-metre tall Buddha Statue in the middle of the lake commands attention, a sight that captivates the soul. Unwind yourself amidst the city's bustling rhythms besides this man-made marvel, a picturesque escape that embodies the irresistible allure of Hyderabad.

Salar Jung Museum

Established in 1951, the museum now holds more than 40,000 items, such as rare texts, artwork and antiques from various eras and civilizations. One of the world's largest collections of artwork and artefacts is housed at this museum.This museum houses cultures and civilizations, such as paintings, sculptures, textiles and furniture. The most well-known item at the museum is the captivating marble sculpture Veiled Rebecca, created by Italian artist Giovanni Maria Benzoni. The Salar Jung Museum is where information about the fascinating journeys of the ages are found through art and culture.

Nehru Zoological Park

Established in 1959, Nehru Zoological Park is a spacious 380-acre zoo located in Hyderabad. If you want to take your family out on a day, ask your outstation cab driver to take you to this well-liked destination for animal enthusiasts.With the park's unique safari experience, guests may drive into enclosures to get up close and personal with animals. Spend time inside the museum dedicated to natural history. Your family will love the zoo's features, which include a children's park, boating and a toy train. Nehru Zoological Park is a must-see in Hyderabad since it's more than simply a zoo—it's a centre for education and conservation.

Laad Bazaar

If you want to visit a vibrant market well-known for it's traditional lacquer bangles embellished with stones, visit Land Bazaar with your family, a market known for it's rich culture and heritage of Hyderabad. You can shop for apparel, accessories and mementos in this vibrant market. Called Choodi Bazaar or Laad Bazaar, it's a busy market in Hyderabad's old city that's well-known for it’s traditional Indian jewellery and beautiful bangles. This lively bazaar, which dates back to the Qutb Shahis, has a large selection of pearls, traditional accessories and bright bangles. In it's narrow lanes, there lies shops selling intricate jewellery, sarees and other traditional items. The market is also famous for it’s Hyderabadi pearls, which are highly sought after for their quality and craftsmanship.

Golkonda Resorts & Spa

Golkonda Resorts & Spa provides guests with abundant lodging, restorative spa services and a variety of leisure pursuits. Nestled amidst verdant surroundings in Hyderabad, Golkonda Resorts & Spa is an opulent sanctuary that provides an ideal combination of serenity and elegance. The resort offers revitalising spa, fine dining options and well-appointed rooms, a perfect location for a lavish family getaway. Unwind yourself in it's quiet atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings with your family. Indulge yourself in leisure pursuits such as indoor gaming, tennis and swimming with your dear ones. You can either visit this resort for pleasure and business travellers because it has banquet facilities and a meeting hall. A wonderful stay is guaranteed by Golkonda Resorts & Spa with it's impeccable hospitality and scenic beauty.

Why Choose WTi Outstation Cab Services in Hyderabad?

When going on a trip in Hyderabad, transportation is one of the worries that may affect your trip. Either you take an airport cab to your destination or book an outstation cab service in Hyderabad, make the best out of your outstation trip with the best transportation available. Amongst the cheapest outstation cabs in Hyderabad, WTicabs Outstation taxi services are the best for many reasons such as-

Wide Range of Vehicles

WTicabs makes sure you can discover the ideal transportation for your needs with a wide fleet of cars, ranging from sedans to luxury cars. WTicabs primarily consists of recently bottomed automobiles. You'll experience the convenience of driving a brand-new vehicle during your outstation trip.

Professional Drivers

WTicabs professional drivers will make your trip enjoyable and stress-free. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the places, precautions to take and standards of hygiene. Our kind drivers will be with you the entire time, so you don't have to worry about any unanticipated differences.

Flexible Booking Options

Whether you need a car for a short trip or multiple days, WTicabs provides customizable packages tailored to your requirements. WTicabs offers you the cheapest outstation cabs in Hyderabad, book one and have the most of your outstation trip. Book your outstation taxi from the website, through phone calls or from the links provided in social media handles. Your command, Our Service!

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WTicabs offers fair and transparent pricing, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible. You will only pay what we agreed upon when you made your reservation. We won't let you down at the end of your journey because we cherish our clients above all else.

24/7 Customer Support

Our committed customer service team is on hand 24 hours a day to help you with any questions or problems, making sure your experience is easy and hassle-free. Our professionals are knowledgeable in what they do and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Convenience and Comfort

You may experience door-to-door service with WTicabs, which makes travelling easy and stress-free. Our service will easily drop you off at your location. Don't worry about purchasing an additional service.

Safety and Hygiene

We put your safety and hygiene first by using sanitised cars and following tight safety guidelines. We always wash our cars after a ride. With WTicabs, you won't have any discomfort at all when travelling.

Efficient Airport Transfers

WTicabs provides prompt airport transfer services, so you can be sure to be at your destination on time whether you're arriving or leaving. You will be guided by our amiable driver to the entry and exit locations. Our driver will assist you with your bags and wait at the exit with your name card when you arrive.


Having dependable transportation is crucial when visiting Hyderabad with loved ones. Explore Hyderabad and it's surrounding bliss at the comfort of an outstation taxi for convenient and hassle-free travel. Make priceless memories with your family by exploring all these amazing places at your own leisure, thanks to the simplicity of outstation booking services in Hyderabad. If you have any queries and confusions, feel free to contact WTicabs. We are always ready to help. WTicabs are the best for Hyderabad Outstation Cab Service if you are planning to spend your vacation period in hyderabad.

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