Winter Wonders: Must-Visit Destinations in January

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Winter Wonders: Must-Visit Destinations in January

Snowy backdrop, chilly weather, bon-fire gatherings, sun-soaked beaches and shared adventures, that's how enchanting winters in India can be. Winter travel doesn’t have to be boring or cold when your January destinations are as mesmerising as the paradise itself. Whether you are planning for snowy getaways or seasonal travels to fight your winter blues, India, with its vast geography offers a legion of winter wonders for your January escapes.

Looking for your next winter vacation spots this january?

Check out the adrenaline-packed Himachal, sun-soaked beaches of Goa, desert charms of Rajasthan or culturally-rich Jaipur with the comfort and convenience of WTicabs rental cars.

WTicabs eases your winter exploration and supports your cold weather adventures at finesse. What all do you need other than a trusted partner that elevates your January escapes with its warmth and reliability? With the convenience of WTicabs outstation rental cars, travelling in January will be just like magic for you and your loved ones.

Places to visit in January

WTicabs brings you some of India’s enchanting destinations for you to explore this January-

3-day itinerary in Shimla with WTicabs

Day 1 - As you arrive in Shimla with your WTicabs in the morning, check-in your hotel and explore Mall Road, explore its charming cafes and stalls.
- Have a warm lunch, visit Christ Church and Ridge and relax amidst the stunning surrounding hills.
- Join the events at your hotel or tuck yourself into your warm hotel room after dinner.
Day 2 - WTicabs will take you to Kufri , where you can enjoy activities like tobogganing and skiing.
-Visit the Nature Park.
-The vehicle will take you to Scandal Point where you can shop, stroll or have dinner and drop you back to your hotel as the day concludes.
Day 3 - Visit Jakhoo Temple, explore Lakkar Bazaar, buy handicrafts and souvenirs.
- The trip concludes and WTicabs will take you back home.

Auli - a thrilling escapades for adventure enthusiasts

Are you an avid enthusiast planning for a winter adventure this winter season? Auli in Uttarakhand is such a place where you can fulfil your winter adventures at ease. Here is how WTicabs has planned for you to travel to Auli-

3-day itinerary in Auli with WTicabs

Day 1 - Arrive in Auli with your WTicabs and check into your hotel.
- Admire the Himalayan views and enjoy a leisurely evening.
-Relish a cosy dinner.
Day 2 - WTicabs will take you to a renowned slope for a thrilling skiing adventure.
- After lunch, trek to Gurso Bugyal and take a sneak-peak of Nanda Devi and Trishul Peaks.
- Get back to your hotel for a cosy and well-deserved rest.
Day 3 - Early morning after breakfast,WTicabs will take you to enjoy the cable ride to Joshimath.
- End your travel by offering prayers to Narshimha Temple and Shankaracharya Math.
- Get ready to bid farewell to Auli as your WTicabs take you back to your desired location.

Gujarat - a cultural and historic extravaganza

If you are looking for an everything-mix kind of vacation, you must visit Gujarat, a state along the Western Coast of India. It’s so surprising that a single place can offer so much from temple towns, beaches, hill resorts, historic capitals to wildlife sanctuaries, the perfect place to travel for your January vacation. Get yourself a tailor-made itinerary as you hire a WTicabs for your historic and cultural tour this January.

3-day itinerary in Gujarat with WTicabs

Day 1 - WTicabs will pick you up from your pick-point to your hotel, have breakfast and explore Sabarmati Ashram.
- Visit Calico Museum of Textiles after lunch.
- Wander and explore old Ahmedabad, known for it’s cultural and culinary diversity.
- Rest and unwind the day at your hotel.
Day 2 - WTicabs will take you to Dwarka, the sacred city the next morning where you can offer prayer in Dwarkadhish Temple.
- After Lunch, explore Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and Rukmani Devi Temple.
- Enjoy the evening at Dwarka Beach and your WTicabs will take you back to your hotel.
Day 3 - Visit Somnath Temple early in the morning.
- Explore Junagadh Gate and relish a lavishing lunch at the mesmerising Somnath Beach.
- Stay for the Arti ceremony at Somnath Temple or get your WTicabs to drop you to your desired drop point, all per your convenience and travel plans.

Why choose WTicabs for your Winter Escapades?

WTicabs offers a string of services all tailor-made to your exciting seasonal journeys. Here, we make your journey a joyful ride with our services like-

Cars at Disposal-

This service will zest up your winter travel as it provides flexibility, convenience and efficient exploration.

Hourly Packages-

This service offers a flexible and cost-effective option for your short term quick city tour in winter.

Point to Point Model-

Pay for the service based on the distance covered, one designated point to the other.


A flexible and convenient mode of transportation for travelling from one city to another.

Airport Counters-

You can schedule your trip to align with your flight arrival and departure schedule from the airport itself.

Travelling in January offers an array of adventures and experiences from snow-clad mountains, warm sun soaked beaches to vibrant festivities. January, the first month of the year, the month that sets the tone for the whole year, is the time to travel. Plan your travel and WTicabs will be the reliable support for the whole journey.

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