Employee Transportation Benefits - A Ladder to a Successful Business

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Employee Transportation Benefits - A Ladder to a Successful Business

Employers who grant transportation benefits for members of their workforce gain several advantages for their company. Granting these benefits can help your company by:

Attracting and retaining employees

Minimizing payroll taxes

Enhancing customer access to services and goods

Expanding service hours

Minimizing gas emissions and conserving energy

Demonstrating company support of work-life balance

Helping public transit

Developing your corporate reputation as an environmentally and worker-friendly company

The Economic Downturn Brings Increased Opportunities for Shared Ride Commuting

Over the last year, working families have seen their savings shrink and, in many cases, their job security threatened due to this whole pandemic scene. Finding ways to save money and still meet daily living expenses is a hallmark of these times. Many employees have significantly cut down on driving or given up their cars completely and chosen public transit and other methods of ridesharing to commute to work.

According to a study, use of public transit in 2020 reached its highest level since 1956. In addition to the cost savings they gain through reduced fuel and parking expenses, these commuters are promoting public transit access, and reducing the environmental impacts from carbon gas emissions and traffic congestion.

Financial Incentives for Employers

Forward thinking employers who are worried about the negative impact of the economic downturn on their employees recognize that a cost-effective way to help workers is through the Qualified Transportation Benefit. The benefit gives employers a tool they can use to subsidize transportation for their workers during these lean times to ease commuting costs.

Businesses and employees that support and use shared ride travel can now claim larger tax benefits.

Promote Your Business as Environmentally Responsible.

Have a positive influence on the environment by inviting employees to utilize shared or public transportation or walk or bike to work– and for this reason ease traffic jams and decrease vehicle-based carbon emissions.

Increase Your Business’s Ability to Recruit and Retain Employees.

According to a recent study, Corporate Commute is one of the key-factors upon which employees rate their workplace. By opting one, you kind of hit the nail to lure most of your existing and potential employees.

Compete and win at retaining and hiring the most qualified workers by offering comprehensive benefits, including a commuter benefit program.

Establish a more diversified workforce and create a more positive work environment by enticing workers who might otherwise not be able to commute to your company’s facility.

Present your company as a proactive and innovative workplace.

Demonstrate your company’s support of work-life balance, which is extremely important to today’s workforce.

Thinking about introducing a corporate commute in your organization? Look no further, write to us at and our experts will help you further.

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