Employee Shuttle Solution: Why Are Corporates Adopting It?

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Are you curious why corporates are adopting Employee Shuttle Solution for their employees? We will tell you why! Employee shuttle solutions are essentially transportation services provided by companies to their employees, usually in the form of shuttle buses or vans. Employee mobility solutions are designed to pick up employees from designated locations, such as their homes or nearby transit hubs and transport them to their workplace and vice-versa. Companies can ensure that their employees arrive at work on time, reducing absenteeism and improving overall productivity when employee transportation is provided.

Employees have always faced challenges during office-hour commute in highly congested metro cities. Many businesses have always wanted to provide transportation facilities for employees keeping in view of the traffic congestion and commuting distances especially in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. However, with the advent of workplace transportation solutions like employee shuttle services, many companies are now able to overcome these challenges and provide their employees with a hassle-free commute experience.

Whether you are looking to provide employee transportation in Bangalore or Hyderabad or anywhere else, we will tell you about ‘Employee Shuttle Solution:

Employee Shuttle Solution: Why Are Corporates Adopting It?

Why Are Corporates Adopting It’ and why you should deploy Employee mobility solutions for your business. Below are the pointers on how corporate transportation is benefiting both employees and employers.

1. Convenience: Corporate shuttle services have designated pick-up and drop-off points where employees can easily access the service without relying on public transport. Shuttle services have proved to be a reliable and efficient employee transportation solution. Some corporate shuttles offer state of the art amenities such as comfortable seating, Wi-Fi and air conditioning in addition to the spacious space inside. Employee shuttle services have been very popular in metro cities as employees can hop inside together from a designated metro station to their office. Nowadays, because of the incorporation of AI programs, shuttle services are flexible and can be tailored to different shifts and locations.

2. Cost-effectiveness: shuttle services consolidate employees efficiently at reduced fuel cost, maintenance & parking fees and other miscellaneous expenses. With employee shuttle services, companies can significantly reduce overall individual commuting costs for their staff and employees also save on fuels and transportation costs as they don’t have to rely on personal or public transportation. Financially for companies, they can now provide the minimum for transportation allowances and reimbursement on par with the expenses covered by employee shuttle solutions.

3. Sustainability: Most employee shuttles are electric vehicles (EVs) and they help reduce the carbon footprint of employee commuting. Employee shuttle solutions focus on sustainability and environmental conservation helping companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable commuting practices. Eg. A shuttle has almost 40 seats and it can take away 10 economy cars equivalent from the road. Look at the reduced traffic and environmental impact shuttles provide for the company.

4. Safety and security: Corporate shuttles are equipped with integrated advanced safety features like GPS tracking and monitoring for prioritising employee safety. Every feature provided inside the shuttle ensures a safe, secure and comfortable commute for employees travelling to office and back. Besides, employee shuttles notably enhance workplace harmony by facilitating employees to travel together in a protected environment. Moreover, with employee shuttle services, there will be one or two centralised management teams to track and monitor employee whereabouts and respond promptly in emergencies, minimising risks during transit.

5. Improved morale and productivity: Travelling in corporate shuttles increases morale, harmony and productivity among employees as they provide a comfortable and stress-free commute overall. Such services foster satisfaction, overall well-being, better work environment and promote higher job engagement reducing absenteeism and tardiness.

WTicabs’ way of Employee Shuttle Solution

WTicabs has been providing the best corporate car rental services since 2009. The company used to arrange corporate shuttle solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client from employee transportation, airport transfers to corporate event transportation. Till now, WTicabs is focused on providing a seamless and comfortable experience for employees, with a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers from employee travel, airport transfers to corporate event transportation.

WTicabs’ employee transportation is known for being efficient and punctual. With one of a kind advanced routing software, WTicabs provides the best employee mobility solutions in India. The software, used for workplace commute management, optimises routes and minimises travel time thereby helping clients save time and improve productivity. In short, we can say that WTicabs is a popular choice for businesses looking for high-quality corporate transportation services because of it's reliability, safety and efficiency.

WTicabs’ new vertical Aaveg Shared Shuttle was founded with the aim to provide the best employee shuttle solution emphasising on safety and reliability. The newly bought vehicles will undergo regular maintenance checks and adhere to strict safety standards. With experienced drivers on board to prioritise passenger safety and comfort, your journey will be pleasant and worry-free. If you are a business looking to promote sustainability and cost-effectiveness in addition to the classy features, feel free to contact Aaveg Shared Shuttle Services.


Employee transportation has been an important component of workplace commute management for some time now. A slightly different from deploying corporate cabs as staff commute solutions is employee shuttle solutions due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Big corporations know for sure that only by providing reliable and efficient workplace transportation, the overall productivity, morale and job satisfaction will increase and in turn benefit the organisation immensely.

In the corporate world, commute now is about efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Providing reliable and efficient transportation facilities for employees is not just about getting them from one point to another anymore but to ensure their safety, comfort and overall well-being. Corporate cab services have been very popular for some time now, but sometimes, to keep up with sustainability and do away with carbon footprint, businesses have to partner with employee shuttle solutions for their employees. Also for businesses in far-flung areas, a pick-up point is notified to their employees for easy and hassle-free travel to the office. And to keep up with the rising trend towards sustainable employee commute, employee shuttle

solutions are expected to play an even more significant role in shaping the future of corporate transportation. Our team at WTicabs is empowering clients to embrace the future of transportation by providing custom corporate shuttle solutions tailored to their unique requirements. We also recently launched Aaveg Shared Shuttle to keep up with the rising needs of employee shuttle solutions.

Interested to know how WTicabs can impact your Employee Transportation Services and Car Rental needs?

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