Corporate Car Rental Services in PAN India

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Corporate Car Rental Services in PAN India

Corporate car rental service through a centralized reservation system

WTI provides a one stop solution for your car rental requirements. Our car rental reservation system is a unique web based platform that provides a secure payout, easy login and access for our users. In order to provide Transparency to our users we provide live updates in our login panel where you can check your current and past bookings, your current and past billings and vehicle tracking facilities. You can check our mobile application to experience more features.

24x7 services all year round

WTI is dedicated to provide you services all year round as well as round the clock. It can never be perceived when you might need a car for rent, hence, if you need one, There should be someone to take care of your requirements.

Complete Online Booking Service ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, AND ANY CAR

WTI provides a secure Online booking platform that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. We are on a fast growth and are planning to enter all major cities in the next few years. We have a huge fleet of Vehicles for you to choose from. WTI Offers all kinds of vehicles including Hatchbacks, SUVs, Sedans, Luxury Sedans, Tempo Travelers etc. WTI is also proud of the fact that we are going green and have more than 10 % of our vehicles as electric vehicles.

One point of contact i.e. Relationship Manager for every corporate who will be handling the company’s account

WTI Promises to provide a One point of Contact for all our Corporate customers. WTI engages a relationship manager with all corporate clients. Our relationship manager is qualified and experienced to handle corporate requests in a smooth and efficient manner. Our relationship manager will provide hand holding experience to your Company.

Garages are close to city airports

Airport transfers are very important and it's imperative that the cars be present on time for our Customers. We ensure to have our garages near the airport such that you never have to wait for your car when you land after a long and tiring flight.

Chauffeurs go through rigorous security & training processes not to mention well attired and Hand Phones.

WTI is committed to serve its customers with the highest quality, hence we require our Chauffeurs to go through rigorous security & training processes. Our chauffeurs are trained to be humble, polite and well mannered. WTI also ensures that the drivers are always well dressed in their standard uniform to provide you a boss-like experience while you travel with us.

Recent fleet, not more than 3 years old, well maintained with, with car fresheners & tissue papers, fire extinguisher and first aid kits, Water bottles.

WTI provides you with the best vehicles for your journey. Our cars are not more than 3 years old and are serviced regularly and maintained properly. For the best of experience, all our cars have car fresheners and tissue papers and mineral water bottles as standard for all customers. We also ensure to sanitize all our vehicles after every ride and keep our cars equipped with Fire extinguishers and first aid kits for the safety of our passengers.

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