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Ten Best Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Work life balance on weekdays seems like a myth but on weekends one wants to achieve that. The adrenaline of being away from one’s laptop is the ultimate adventure sport. Bangalore is known as the Silicon valley of India which means long working hours during the weekdays and the only proper respite one gets from the grind is the weekend. Here is a list of ten weekend getaways you can indulge yourself in instead of going to yet another party.

Nandi Hills:

If you are a person who likes a quiet getaway to a hill station, then Nandi hills is a place you should explore. It is about sixty kilometers from Bangalore, famous for a majestic view of the sunrise. It is about 4851 feet above sea level. It is not only a hilly area but is also home to many monuments which are made in different architectural designs. It is not a very well known tourist spot so there is bound to be peace and quiet which helps to calm you after a long week at the office.


It is located at the foothills of Mullayanagiri Range. If you are someone who likes to know things about how your coffee is grown and prepared then this is the perfect spot to spend your two days of bliss. Owing to the coffee plantation it is called the ‘coffee land of Karnataka’. It is also surrounded with many treks such as Baba Bundangiri trek and others if one seeks adrenaline of hiking then this is a place you should head to with your friends or make a solo trip for a weekend.


Water sports have always been a favorite of people who love adventure and if your week has been boring then you can head to Dandeli which is located on the river Kali in the Western Ghats. It provides ample opportunities to go river rafting and there are surrounding hills which are a compelling venue for a refreshing height as well as to add new pictures to your collection owing to its scenic beauty.


If whenever someone asks you about your preference between mountains and beaches you always answer with beaches then Gokarna is the place you should go for a weekend getaway. Even though it is a Hindu pilgrimage town it hosts thousands of tourists every year. The beaches are not as crowded as they would be on a conventional holiday location. Here instead of hearing loud music you will be able to enjoy a slow, relaxing weekend.


It is about 400 kilometers from Bangalore so if you are fond of traveling you can give Udupi a chance. It is a town which offers many vegetarian cuisines across its restaurants. The town also has a thriving temple culture which provides a calm and serene environment. It is about 60 kilometers from Mangalore as well. It boasts of housing some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. So if you are looking for a weekend which will have you relaxed and calm you must visit.


It used to be a private hunting ground for the British and now it is a popular getaway for the people of cities like Bangalore. It houses Asiatic elephants, these majestic creatures make it an attractive place for wildlife photography if one wants to indulge in it. One of the major attractions of the place is the resident black panther, ‘Saya’, even though it is sighted on rare occasions. Kabini qualifies as one of the best places in the country for wildlife photography.


‘The Scotland of India’ Coorg is famous for its local martial arts specializing clan called ‘Kodavas’ who are known for their humbling hospitality. One of the main things that make Coorg a famous destination is it's perpetually misty landscape. It is a beautiful place to take long walks among the coffee and other plantations, not only that it has a couple of other options as well such as quick visits to nearby towns such as Gonnikopal and Pollibetta. If you miss home cooked food in your city then the ‘homestays’ in the town are the perfect places to stay.


It is one of the most historically enriched towns in the country. It has one of Tipu Sultan’s residences, the fort of Manjarabad. There are a variety of places to visit such as Bhairaveshwara Prassana temple which has ties to the Pandavas which satisfies the religious and mythology buffs. If you prefer hiking then there are small treks which lead to beautiful peaks such as Jenukal Gudda,Ombattu Gudda and Pandavar Gudda.


It is a UNESCO World heritage site, steeped completely in history with many temples, street markets, bastions and proudly displays the glory of once thriving Vijaynagar empire. It was the capital of the said empire and now houses many locations of historical importance. It can be walked around, thus giving you an authentic backpacking experience. If history is something you find yourself indulging in then you should make a trip to Hampi this weekend.


Ooty has been a favorite of the Hindi film industry for as far as one can remember, it is a little quietly tucked in a hill station in TamilNadu. It is called the Queen of Nilgiris for its beautiful sprawling mountains and valleys. It has many tea gardens, waterfalls and winding country lanes. It is a perfect place to go for a long walk in the evenings. Owing to the British settlements there, the place is scattered with beautiful colonial architecture which makes for a nice photography subject. If you are a fan of quiet walks, silent nights then you should give this place a chance.

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