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Your Travel is in Safe Hands with WTi’s Smart Chauffeurs

For any cab service, the success of ensuring a pleasant journey to the passenger is far more than providing a comfortable cab, speedy booking, affordable pricing, and more. To offer them the best experience every time they take a cab ride is to provide them with the right chauffeur. The job of the person behind the wheels plays an essential role in determining the contentment of the passengers.

WTicabs are wary of this fact and hence make sure to include only quality drivers in their fleet. The chauffeurs are well-trained, learned, polite, licensed, punctual, and skilled to offer a premium experience to the WTi cab users.

Here is what makes the WTi’s chauffeurs smart.


One of the prime determinants when hiring a cab and chauffeur is to ascertain the safety of the passenger. Road accidents are not uncommon. Under such a scenario, all the clients prioritize the safety aspects while booking a cab service. WTicabs ensure the complete safety of the passengers. Their chauffeurs have proficiency and experience in driving on all types of roads such as expressways, highways, hilly roads, and more. They follow a certain speed limit and do not go overboard.

Familiar with location

A good cab driver always knows the destination he is travelling to. WTi cab chauffeurs have a strong understanding of the road network in their area. This is the reason they are seamlessly able to navigate traffic jams, find an alternate route, save passengers' time on the road, and make the passengers reach their destinations timely without any trouble.

Clean Driving Record

One of the vital factors that WTi cab drivers need to ensure at the time of the screening test is maintaining a clean driving record. Only chauffeurs who have impeccable driving records are allowed to join the WTi fleet. The company is strict in reviewing each applicant’s driving record and ensuring that they do not have a history of unsafe driving. In case the applicant has some challans or tickets on their record or a history of getting into an accident, then their application is not considered any further. This is done to ensure that WTi does not risk the passenger's safety when they hail a ride.

Interpersonal skills

Other than driving skills and proficiency, one of the aspects in which the driver must excel is interpersonal skills. The journey becomes all the more enjoyable when the cab drivers are fun to talk to, polite, and kind. This gives more confidence to the traveller and guarantees a pleasurable ride. WTi cab chauffeurs are trained to remain polite, patient, smiling, and caring, and help to ensure making the passenger’s journey more fascinating. The drivers are willing to listen and answer the repeated questions with the same enthusiasm every time.


With WTicabs, you don’t need to worry about running late. The driver reaches the pick-up point before the scheduled departure, making them a right fit for railway and airport transfers. Along with other values, WTi chauffeurs value time and hence are always punctual.

These are just a few of the qualities a WTi taxi chauffeurs exhibits. You will experience many more = as you board the ride!

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