Why You Should Rent A Car

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Why You Should Rent A Car

Renting a car - this phrase instills a sense of hesitancy and draws a series of questions regarding its expenses, services, functioning, safety, and what not! But what remains oblivious is the fact that car rental services have come a long way and all the above-mentioned concerns are eradicated with the car rental solutions WTi has to offer.

Well, a lot of us belong to that category of the population that does not feel the need to buy a car, use it every day or even feel unwelcoming to the hassles of owning a car. Renting a car is a one-step solution for you since you can choose from a wide variety of cars, that too by saving a handsome amount of money. WTi car rental services offer you a variety of fleet from which you can choose a ride that matches your style. From neo series to super-premium series, we’ve got it all!

Living in big cities, with busy roads, most of us would want to avoid taking public transport, especially during the pandemic. Going for a car rental service offers you to have your car, without spending too much. Having a car of your own ensures a comfortable and independent ride.

Renting a car has its own perks, it does not limit you to a single car if you wish you can go for an upgrade for another one since we’ve got a lot to choose from.

WTi car rental services offer you:

Airport transfer

● Cars at disposal

● Long term rentals

● Events

● Intercity

● Chauffeur driven cars

● Point to point models

● Hourly packages

WTi’s services are powered by experience and technology as a result of which we’ve introduced ‘Commutr’-Native IOS and android app for our clients and customers, designed with a simplistic UI to keep the entire on-demand car rental experience simple yet powerful with several Key Features like:

● Customers can choose from a range of cars near them, and more to choose the perfect car for their travel needs.

● Clients can know upfront about distance traveled and other pricing details to make an informed choice.

● Customers can reserve a car in advance, provide pickup details, get regular updates about their booking status, car and driver details, and more.

● We offer our customers a safe car rental app experience with real-time vehicle tracking and allow customers to track their booked car themselves or share their trip with their loved ones.

With competitive pricing, fully customizable services, time and cost efficiency, and robust booking engine-WTi car rental services are inclusive of all the features and hence can boast of making some large entrepreneur’s in the field of Car rental in the country.

Now that you’re aware of our services, we are excited to see you enjoying our services. For the smoothest, safest, most reliable, hassle-free, and budget-friendly car rental services, trust WTi!

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