How ready are we to fight COVID’s Omicron variant?

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How ready are we to fight COVID’s Omicron variant?

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, we have become extra conscious and cautious about our health and wellbeing. Sanitization, hand wash, hygiene, and social distancing have become the new norms of living. While we successfully sailed through two waves, the third one is just at its peak!

The Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire and the cases are witnessing a significant surge. This has once again pushed us to firmly adhere to all the protocols and not be careless. During such tough times, we at WTicabs have been continuously at your service and will continue to be at your disposal no matter what the situation will be. We are leaving no stone unturned to offer you COVID-safe transportation services!

At WTicabs, we follow the coronavirus protocols and offer cab services that are hygienic and safe to avail. Owing to the social distancing practice, we allow only one passenger at a time. Multiple passengers or cab sharing is strictly prohibited. Adding to it, wearing masks is mandatory for both the drivers as well as the passengers. Bottles of sanitizer along with other medical supplies are always available in the cabs so that both the driver and the passenger can frequently sanitize their hands and maintain their hygiene. The sanitizers available in our cabs comprise 60% alcohol and are effective to clean your hands thoroughly and stop the virus from spreading. To ensure maximum safety, even the exteriors of our cabs are frequently

disinfected using isopropyl alcohol and common sanitizer.

Face coverings restrict the volume and travelling of droplets from the infected person dispersed during talking, breathing, coughing or sneezing. Face overalls without any vents help filter out the particles carrying the virus from the air thereby significantly reducing the chances of infection. This is the reason why we have placed plastic curtain shields in all our cabs so as to ensure there is no contact between the driver and the passenger. We also make sure that the cabs are frequently sanitized both internally and externally so that the chances of the spreading of the infection reduce significantly. All our drivers have been vaccinated and trained with the COVID-19 guidelines to ensure our passengers have a safe journey. Even the vaccination of the passengers is ensured before they board the WTicabs. The digital payment modes further ensure that the transactions can be conducted in a contactless manner yet seamlessly. Steps like these help in reducing the chances of spreading the virus.

WTicabs is known for its principle of providing prompt and professional fleet services. Staying COVID-proof is the newly added approach that we strictly adhere to so that we can continue to offer seamless and safe transportation services to our clients via our cab fleets.

Amidst such turbulent times, travel with WTI. No matter what the destination is, we will ensure that you reach safely and COVID-free!

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